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Do you have a vehicle that was totaled in an accident, is no longer running, or is just not worth putting anymore money into fixing? Is your car no longer an asset? Is it taking up space in your driveway, garage, or yard? Cash For Junk Cars Irvine wants to pay you cash to take that vehicle away! Posting your vehicle on a for sale website is time consuming and can be dangerous. It is a hassle to meet with multiple people just be turned down for a sale. There is no guarantee that you will sell your vehicle. If you are trying to sell your car in parts, this makes the process even more difficult. Stop wasting your time!



Selling the vehicle to an auto salvage yard can be pricey. In many cases you will be responsible for the towing cost. There may also be added administrative fees and fees to drain the fluids from your vehicle. You may need to remove the tires and all other non-metal materials. In addition, many salvage yards have a set rate they will pay for taking your vehicle. This means that you may receive less cash than what your vehicle is actually worth. Get the cash that your car is worth! Cash for Junk Cars Irvine is easy and you are guaranteed to be paid cash. Whether you are trying to get rid of your car, truck, suv, van or mini van, Cash For Junk Cars Irvine wants it!



Cash For Junk Cars Irvine is dedicated to paying you top dollar for your vehicle. So how does Cash for Junk Cars Irvine work? It is a very simple process. First, you must call the number for Cash for Junk Cars Irvine. You will need basic information on your vehicle such as make, model, year and condition. You will then receive a quote for your vehicle. Next, you will arrange a pick up time. At the arranged pick up time Cash For Junk Cars Irvine will arrive to pick up your vehicle, including free towing if the vehicle is not running, and pay you cash on the spot.

These guys literally saved my life. I had just been involved in a car accident and needed help getting rid of my car. Tim at Cash For Junk Cars Irvine came to me & paid me for my car. He made it so simple! I love the service you've put together.

Jon Weaver

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